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10 Jul 2024

Stadium Operations - F/T Utility Maintenance - Clb Lvl

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Kansas City, MO, USA
Full Time
0+ years exp.
US$27.59 per hour

Union Classification: Full Time – Utility Maintenance

Position Profile: Full Time – Utility Maintenance (CLUB LEVEL/PLAZA)

Department: Stadium Services

Reports to: Conversion and Cleaning Supervisor

Rate of Pay: $27.59 per hour

Job Summary:Utility Maintenance employees are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the building in which they work by performing various cleaning duties. Duties and hours may vary. A standard weekday work shift 7:00 am – 3:30 pm Monday through Friday. A Utility Maintenance employee may be responsible for any or all the following tasks:


  1. Leadership Capabilities – Ability to communicate tasks from Supervisor to the frontline workers to complete tasks. Report all issues related to equipment failure to Supervisors.
  2. Carpet Care and Soft Surface Maintenance – Utilize Orbot machine, BrushPro, chariot, vacuums, and extractors and applicable preventative maintenance to such machinery. Familiarity with general and specialty carpet care cleaning chemicals.
  3. Hard Surface Maintenance – Utilize Orbot machine and Kaivac and applicable preventative maintenance to such machinery. Maintain cleanliness of stainless steel and white tile using appropriate chemicals.
  4. Yellow Stadium Seating Bowl – Hose entire seating bowl and maintain the integrity of the hoses and nozzles. Sweep and unclog drains. Using ladders and dusters to clean TVs, LED Ribbon Boards, Speakers, and Railings.
  5. Main Ticket, Security, Stadium Operations, and Command Center Offices, First Aid Rooms and Satellite Ticket Offices – Vacuuming, emptying and relining trash and recycle cans, dusting, disinfecting, sweeping and mopping, glass cleaning, general purpose cleaners, restrooms and related fixtures, break rooms, refrigerators, and Blood Born Pathogen cleaning.
  6. Product Inventory Control – Keeping an accurate account of all products used on club level, dispersing product amongst the appropriate locations throughout club level, assisting Conversion and Cleaning Supervisor with product ordering, sorting and distributing product throughout the stadium via Forklift, and maintaining cleanliness of housekeeping storage rooms.
  7. Glass and Exterior Cleaning – Utilize the Unger Wand and trailer tank for exterior window washing at Arrowhead Stadium and Practice Facility, preventative maintenance of such equipment, use and maintain glass cleaning kit, and ability to work in and use lifts.
  8. Snow Removal – Ability to work in the freezing temperatures for extended periods of time at all times of day or night, carry 50lb bags of ice melt for distances and upstairs, shovel snow and walkways, scatter ice melt, and be on call at any time.
  9. Trash and Recycle Removal
  10. Outdoor Suite Seating Areas – Maintain cleanliness utilizing proper chemicals and supplies. Clean all chairs, bases, cup holders, boards, and rails. Sweep and vacuum carpet.
  11. Club Furniture Cleaning – Report all damages to Supervisor. Maintain cleanliness utilizing proper chemicals and supplies. Clean tops and bottoms of all tables and chairs. Disinfect handrails and railings.
  12. Restrooms – Maintain cleanliness utilizing proper equipment (Kaivac), chemicals, and supplies. Restock paper products.
  13. Football Operations –Assist with the packing and moving of all football operations equipment to and from training camp. Cleaning all football areas.
  14. Club Level and Broadcast Suites – maintain cleanliness utilizing proper cleaning chemicals and supplies. Areas of responsibility include Club Level suites and all restrooms in suites, Signature Suites and all restrooms in suites, Signature lounge, Broadcast Suites, Broadcast Lounge, Family Room, and camera bay.
  15. Field Level Suites and Boxes – maintain cleanliness utilizing proper cleaning chemicals and supplies. Areas of responsibility include Field Level suites and all bathrooms in suites, Field Level boxes (including walls and doors).
  16. 9th Floor Cleaning – maintain cleanliness utilizing proper cleaning chemicals and supplies. Areas of responsibility include Penthouse, Press Box, suites, coaching and radio booths, media workrooms, restrooms, Arrow Vision Control Room, and common areas.
  17. Equipment Preventative Maintenance – Able to maintain a clean and organized vehicle at all times. Operates and returns all equipment to proper locations based on weather without damages.
  18. The University of Kansas Health Systems Training Complex – maintain cleanliness of assigned areas of the Training Complex, including but not limited to office areas, common areas, and football areas and the Arrowhead CafΓ©. Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to emptying and relining trash and recycling cans, sweeping and moping tile floors, cleaning restrooms, vacuuming, cleaning offices, meeting rooms, and theatres.
  19. Lifts – maintain cleanliness with the use of boom lifts, scissor lifts, and any additional lifts to clean.


  1. Technical Skills - ability to learn and use equipment including but not limited to orbots, kaivacs, Clorox 360, chariots, extractors, Unger glass cleaning wand, IMops, BrushPro, ice melt spreader, gators, Cushman, tractors, trailers, tile buffer, forklift, boom lift, scissor lift, pallet jack, and shovels.
  2. Motivation - Demonstrates excellent personal motivation and encourages others to be motivated and enthusiastic. Shows persistence and overcomes obstacles. Takes calculated risks to accomplish goals.


  1. Walk and stand
  2. Climb
  3. Bend forward
  4. Kneel down
  5. Push and pull objects
  6. Lift and/or move up to 70 pounds, sometimes over shoulder.
  7. Repetitive bending and lifting of items
  8. Repetitive arm movements
  9. Complete work off ladders and lifts


  1. Reports to work each day and on time and works extra hours when needed.
  2. Employee must comply with proper safety policies and procedures as required (i.e. when using cleaning chemicals, reporting incidents, etc.).
  3. Provides excellent level of customer service to both internal and external customers.
  4. The employee must be able to determine the neatness, accuracy and thoroughness of the work assigned.
  5. If required to travel for business: maintains a valid driver’s license and good driving record.
  6. Must undergo and pass a background check.

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