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Job listing closed on 3 Feb 2024
7 Jan 2024

Esports Work Experience 2024 (Year 10-13)

🇬🇧 Grove, UK
0+ years exp.

The company:

Williams’ core competencies are the design and development of racing cars to compete in the Formula One World Championship. As one of the world's leading Formula One teams, the company has secured 16 FIA Formula One World Championship titles since its foundation in 1977 and is now moving into an exciting era under new ownership defined by relentless innovation and living sustainable performance in every dimension.

Are you interested in a career in esports, a fast-paced, growing industry? Esports provides opportunities in not only the worlds of sim racing and motorsport, but bridges learning and careers within health and wellbeing, coaching, engineering, and marketing to name a few.

Williams Esports are a leading organisation in gaming and sport, creating the most holistic, high-performance environment in esports to develop careers in driver and staff roles, with a success record to show for it. It is our vision here at Williams Esports to offer opportunities for the younger generation to grow a passion for racing, and to elevate esports alongside more traditional sports in academic competition.

This placement will give each student the opportunity to get hands-on professional experience in several roles within our esports organisation:

  • Coaching and Human Performance
  • Broadcasting
  • Event Management
  • Marketing (Social, Media and Content)

This programme is only run on select weeks throughout the year, alongside our F1 team work experience weeks. The 2024 dates can be found below. When applying, you will need to indicate which of the dates you are available for. If you are available for more than one, then please state this:

  • 8th-11th April
  • 28th-31st May
  • 17th-20th June
  • 16th-19th July
  • 26th-29th August

Application Process

When short-listing work experience applications, we are looking for students with passion, drive and a willingness to learn. We want to hear all about your interests, what is your why and what it is that gets you up in the morning. When applying to the esports work experience, let us know why this is of interest to you.

All students are expected to submit a covering letter, CV or whatever medium reflects them best, to answer the following questions:

  • What school or college you attend and what year you are in
  • Your current career aims and how you plan to achieve them
  • Subjects that you are currently taking and plan to take
  • Relevant leisure pursuits and activities
  • Why work experience with Williams would be beneficial to you
  • Why work experience in esports would be beneficial to you
  • Demonstrate that you are the best person to be selected
  • The dates you are available for

Please convert your cv/cover letter/powerpoint to pdf before submitting to the cv section.

The closing date for all work experience applications is 2nd February 2024. Shortlisting will take place in February and March 2024, with those students shortlisted invited to take part in the next stage during this period. We may also obtain academic references as part of the selection process in regard to behaviour and attitude. The outcome of all applications will be notified by the end of March 2024.

Please note, you must be a school/college student in year 10-13. This work experience is not appropriate for university level students.

The best candidates are:

  • Passionate about the world of esports and its fast-paced, growing industry
  • Enthusiastic, interested and eager to learn new things
  • Hard working and good at thinking on your feet
  • Polite and helpful
  • Good listeners – during your placement there will be lots of new information to take in

Arrangements for Travel and Accommodation

It is expected that the student or their family takes sole responsibility for making suitable travel and accommodation arrangements.

Closing Date: Friday 2nd February 2024

What can Williams offer?

The Williams Group is based in multi acre complex located in Grove, Oxfordshire. The Williams Group offers a competitive holiday package, staff events/open days, a subsidised restaurant on site and various car schemes. We have an on-site gym (open 24 hours a day) as well as various fitness classes including outdoors bootcamps, pilates and yoga free for all staff and contractors to use. Aside from these benefits we can offer free onsite parking and large open green spaces to unwind during breaks. We are a based just 30 mins from Oxford City Centre by bus.

Williams is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity and inclusion. We are happy to discuss reasonable job adjustments