Community Relations Jobs in the Sports Industry: A Quick Guide


Community relations professionals play a pivotal role in the sports industry, bridging the gap between sports organizations and the communities they serve. This comprehensive guide will explore the role of community relations professionals in the sports industry, the types of jobs available, salary expectations, essential skills, and tips for landing a community relations job in the sports industry.

The Role of Community Relations Professionals in the Sports Industry

Community relations professionals in the sports industry are responsible for developing and maintaining strong relationships between sports organizations and their surrounding communities. They work to create positive brand awareness, foster goodwill, and demonstrate the organization's commitment to social responsibility. Their duties may include coordinating community outreach programs, organizing events and initiatives, and managing partnerships with local schools, nonprofits, and other community organizations.

Types of Community Relations Jobs Available in the Sports Industry

  • Community Relations Coordinator: Coordinates and executes community outreach programs and events, working closely with internal departments and external partners.

  • Community Relations Manager: Oversees the development and implementation of community engagement strategies, managing a team of coordinators and working with senior leadership to align initiatives with organizational goals.

  • Community Relations Specialist: Focuses on specific community programs or partnerships, such as youth sports initiatives, educational programs, or charitable campaigns.

  • Community Relations Director: Leads the organization's overall community relations strategy, working with senior leadership to develop long-term goals and objectives.

Salaries on Offer to Entry-level, Junior-level, Intermediate-level, and Senior-level Candidates

  • Entry-level: $30,000–45,000 USD per year

  • Junior-level: $45,000–60,000 USD per year

  • Intermediate-level: $60,000–75,000 USD per year

  • Senior-level: $75,000–100,000+ USD per year

Please note that salaries can vary greatly based on factors such as the size and location of the organization, as well as the candidate's experience and qualifications.

Essential Skills Needed to Succeed in Community Relations in the Sports Industry

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills: Effective relationship-building with community members, partners, and internal stakeholders is crucial.

  • Project management and organizational skills: Managing multiple initiatives and events requires excellent time management and attention to detail.

  • Flexibility and adaptability: Community relations professionals must be able to adjust plans and respond to changing community needs and organizational priorities.

  • Passion for community engagement: A genuine interest in making a positive impact on the community is essential for success in this field.

  • Knowledge of the sports industry: Understanding the unique aspects of the sports industry and its relationship with the community is crucial.

Tips for Landing a Community Relations Job in the Sports Industry

  • Gain relevant experience: Seek internships or part-time positions in community relations or within the sports industry using Rebound to build your skills and enhance your resume.

  • Network: Attend industry events, join professional associations, and connect with sports industry professionals on platforms like LinkedIn.

  • Customize your resume and cover letter: Showcase your community relations experience, achievements, and passion for sports when applying for jobs in the sports industry.

  • Stay current: Keep up to date with industry trends, news, and developments to demonstrate your knowledge and commitment to the field.

  • Pursue additional qualifications: Consider earning specialized certifications or degrees in sports management, nonprofit management, or community relations to stand out in a competitive job market.


Community relations professionals are vital to the success of sports organizations, as they foster positive relationships with local communities and promote the organization's commitment to social responsibility. By honing your skills, gaining relevant experience, and networking with industry professionals, you can successfully land a community relations job.