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23 Mar 2024

Academy Goalkeeper Coach

馃嚭馃嚫 Portland, OR, USA
Full Time
2+ years exp.

The Portland Timbers Goalkeeper coach is responsible for coaching and managing the Academy Goalkeepers and Discovery Program GoalkeepersGoalkeepers within the coaching framework established by the MLSTimbers Head GK coach and MLS NEXT Pro T2 GK coach.

In coordination with the entire coaching staff, the GK Coach will design training sessions for the teams while focusing on the individual needs of the goalkeepers. During training, the GK Coach will set up and run exercises for the goalkeepers while constantly noting progress and finding solutions to on-field problems.

Match preparation is an important component of the GK Coach鈥檚 role. The GK Coach will handle opposition scouting as it relates to goalkeeping and prepare the goalkeepers accordingly. Additional duties include but are not limited to scouting college and academy prospects and participating in off-season player development programs.

The GK Coach must manage communication channels between the goalkeepers, trainers, coaches and other decision makers. This includes keeping the Timbers Head GK Coach, MLS Next Pro GK coach up to date on matters involving the goalkeepers which allows the coaches to make informed decisions. On the other hand, the GK Coach must be able to effectively communicate tactics and decisions put forth by the coaches to the goalkeepers.

All of the above should be done with the best interests and values of the Club in mind. The coaching staff strives to attack everything as a united front as players will be more likely to develop confidence in the overall coaching staff鈥檚 methods and philosophy if they see consistency.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.


路 Assist the GK coaches with off-season player development programs for the Academy teams and Discovery Program Goalkeepersteams along with the other coaches

路 Work closely, constructively and collaboratively with the team鈥檚 coaching staff, trainers and support staff

路 Help create optimal conditions for team performance

路 Assist the coaches to create and maintain a winning culture and high-performance environment

路 Enforce team rules and league rules applicable to the team鈥檚 players and or coaching staff

路 Other duties and services as may reasonably assigned by the club that are consistent with employment as GK coach of a team in the league

路 Obtain proper coaching qualifications

路 Be innovative and creative

路 Identify areas for improvement and work with goalkeepers on improvement

路 Be active in support of decisions and philosophies

路 Maintain unquestionable trustworthiness

路 Be in tune with Club鈥檚 ideological approach

路 Keep up with latest technology in computing, communications, sports science and sports analysis

路 Have an outstanding knowledge of the sport, goalkeeping in particular

路 Strive to learn more about coaching


On-Field Coaching

路 Coach academy and Discovery Program goalkeepers in all exhibitions, regular season, playoff, tournament, international and other games when requested

路 Design individual training regimens for the academy and Discovery Programgoalkeepers within the training framework of the teams

路 Scout next opponents and accordingly debrief and prepare goalkeepers

路 Set up training areas arranging for, conduction, assisting and supervising practices, training camps and training sessions for the Academy teams and Discovery Programs teams

Off-Field Development

路 Help with off-season player development programs

路 Enforce team rules and league rules

路 Live the team values 鈥 don鈥檛 just talk about them 鈥 set an example for the players

路 Develop a goalkeeping program that can contribute to both the academy and the Discovery Programs

路 Have excellent working relations and good lines of communication with all staff

路 Assist the GK coaches on resolving any conflicts quickly and appropriately

路 Assist in maintaining a video library for training and match situations

路 Collaborate in the continued progression of the GK curriculum and principles

路 Develop and maintain good standing relationships with the Alliance Clubs

路 Develop relationships throughout the College levels and assist Academy players (not limited to Goalkeepers) obtain commitments and scholarships.

Head Coach Relation

路 Don鈥檛 be afraid to be in conflict with the coaches (in the appropriate forum) if the issue you believe in can help grow the program and/or improve performance

路 Publicly share the same philosophy as the coaches and together develop, enhance and grow that philosophy

路 Recognize the times when the coaches are under pressure and look to take some if their workload

路 Be the eyes and ears for the coaches and alert him to potential issues before they develop

路 Be a good listener/observer to players but only report what is relevant and necessary to the coaches


路 Assist in the scouting and evaluation of potential goalkeepers for the teams and in the preparation for the seasons

路 Consult and advise with respect to the team鈥檚 roster and player trades, particularly in regard to goalkeepers

路 Create a scouting/ communication through the country/ world searching for Academy Goalkeepers capable of making it to the MLS Timbers or MLS Next Pro T2 team

路 Scout academy and goalkeeping prospects


路 2+ years鈥 experience working within the goalkeeper development space is preferred.

路 Obtain proper coaching qualifications, certifications, experience, etc.

路 Be innovative and creative 鈥 help create the future by being self-motivated with the ability to think independently and with flexibility.

路 Develop a vocabulary and culture of key similarities that all coaches in the team use consistently to reinforce your methods so that players understand and respect that a strong professional relationship exists in the coaching group 鈥 players will then feel comfortable in approaching any of the coaching team for the answers to their problems.

路 Coach using the 8 鈥淐s鈥 of coaching - composure, clarity, communication, certainty, confidence, compassion, creativity and calmness.

路 Develop outstanding recruiting skills 鈥 help the coaching staff sustain the competitiveness of the team.

路 Don鈥檛 offer 鈥減assive鈥 support 鈥 be active in your support of decisions and philosophies.

路 Develop strengths where the program or head coach has weaknesses.

路 It is vital to have a technical staff that is in tune with the club's ideological approach and has the skill set to carry out their respective duties.

路 Have an outstanding knowledge of the sport, opponents and be prepared to share that knowledge.

路 Strive to learn more about coaching, your sport and your role 鈥 recognizing that no matter how much you might know there will always be more to learn

路 Assist in making sure all staff works towards the successful implementation of their performance plan and set the standard for the club in terms of knowledge and work ethic

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected class.

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