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EURO 2024 ICT Hardware Specialist

Main goal The Euro 2024 ICT Hardware Specialist will work closely with the UEFA and EURO 2024 workplace management teams to prepare for the next European Football Championship (EURO 2024), which will be held in Germany. The primary responsibility of the E24 ICT Hardware Specialist is to ensure that all hardware needs are met and that the workplace is set up appropriately to ensure that the event is delivered smoothly.

Key responsibilities

  • Help to determine the methodology to be employed for EURO 2024 asset management

  • Handle the substantial volume of hardware and software requests received from all EURO 2024 campus and venues projects

  • Help the workplace management and procurement team to develop a provisioning strategy

  • Coordinate the management of stock for the EURO campus and venues

  • Collaborate with local resources to ensure the availability of stocked hardware for use

  • Regularly assess the hardware and software needs of EURO 2024 by meeting with business counterparts

  • Assist in the development and maintenance of IT processes for EURO 2024, in collaboration with the EURO 2024 ICT team and the UEFA workplace team

  • Willingly take on additional ICT activities relating to the EURO 2024

  • Evaluate the situation (budget figures, geopolitical obstacles, etc.) to improve project monitoring and ensure proper follow-up

  • Serve as a primary point of contact for hardware and software requests and issues from any affected resource

  • Act as a workplace management deputy when necessary, particularly on matchdays that require staff rotations

  • Ensure that all colleagues in ICT Support Operations are well-informed about hardware and software strategies and proficient in processing requests and incidents

  • Take responsibility for the asset management process, which includes not only delivering assets but also ensuring effective collection


Experience required:

  • From 4 to 6 years relevant ICT experience.

  • A first experience using EMM solutions and in Project management


  • An ICT or project management certification would be a plus.


  • English / Proficient

Additional requirements:

  • Good communication skills and an ability to communicate with stakeholders in simple, clear language

  • Ability to use one's own initiative and to work under pressure

  • Good experience of managing timelines, resources and budgets for ICT projects

  • Ability to travel to Germany throughout the project, and particularly during the tournament phase

  • Budget Management / Advanced

  • Project Management / Advanced