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Director, Media & Business Operations

The Director, Media and Business Operations is a high-level executive who reports directly to the Chief Media and Business Officer. This position involves providing strategic guidance and support to the League's Chief Media and Business Officer, overseeing key initiatives and projects, playing a crucial role in managing the daily operations of the group and supporting the businesses in LA, NJ and NY. The Director, Media and Business Operations is responsible for ensuring effective communication, collaboration, and alignment across the organization, as well as helping to drive innovation, growth, and profitability. The position will support communication and duties supporting internal and external meetings, ownership updates, key relationships including but not limited to owners, partners and major business stakeholders as well as represent the NFL in a variety of forums. They must have strong strategic, leadership, relationship building, communication and execution skills. This individual will also have a deep understanding of the business of football, the NFL’s unique culture and dynamics as well as the competitive landscape of the sports industry.


  1. Office management: Overseeing the operations of the Chief Media and Business Officer's office, including managing staff, budgets, and resources. Coordinate daily with Executive Admin schedule and organize daily/weekly across LA, NJ and NY.

  2. Operations Support: Working with Chief Media and Business Officer and his direct reports in designing and implementing and effective communication and management model to support and facilitate business objectives.

  3. Stakeholder engagement: Building and maintaining relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including media partners, sponsors, and NFL teams, to ensure that the media and business operations of the NFL are aligned with the broader goals and objectives of the league.

  4. Communication and representation: Representing the Chief Media and Business Officer in various forums, including league events and meetings with stakeholders.

  5. Special projects: Leading and managing special projects and initiatives as assigned by the Chief Media and Business Officer, including working with other senior executives to execute on key media and business priorities.

Required Qualifications:

The ideal candidate for this position should have a bachelor's degree in business, sports management, or a related field, as well as at least 7-10 years of senior-level experience in media and/or business operations in the sports industry, with a track record of successfully managing complex operations and initiatives. They should also have excellent communication, leadership, and relationship-building skills, with the ability to work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders in a very high-pressure and high performing environment. Additionally, they should have a deep understanding of the sports media landscape and the business of sports, with a track record of identifying and executing on new revenue-generating opportunities.

Key Attributes/Characteristics

Strong Judgement – possesses good judgement across a broad array of issues; understands where / when the Chief Media and Business Officer’s input is needed and what can be driven independently; An “absorber” who can leverage their knowledge and expertise to find solutions versus amplifying issues to the Senior Leader

Ruthlessly Prioritizes – focuses on the most critical objectives to drive progress, consistently ensuring the Chief Media and Business Officer’s focus and calendar is aligned with strategic priorities; can effectively tackle or delegate unnecessary work from the Chief Media and Business Officer’s plate

Process Oriented–high process orientation; can leverage management rhythms to thoughtfully stay across the Chief Media and Business Officer’s agenda; able to break down siloes within the organization to drive strong outcomes

Organized and Resourceful–strong coordination capabilities; able to manage resources across the organization, and implement systems for tracking multiple priorities and deadlines (e.g., committee meeting preparation and materials, quarterly business reviews, all-hands meetings, senior management retreats, etc.); leverages management rhythms and processes to thoughtfully stay across the Chief Media and Business Officer’s agenda; highly accountable, solutions- oriented, and demonstrates strong attention to detail

Leadership Team Relationships able to establish credibility with leadership team members and have a voice at the table(e.g., recognizes the unique dynamics of interacting with the leadership team as a liaison to the Chief Media and Business Officer, is an effective “go-to” person for early insight on the Chief Media and Business Officer’s expectations and can provide feedback around specific topics); able to provide effective two-way feedback between the Chief Media and Business Officer and the leadership team to address issues before they bubble up into more consequential issues

Influencer and Collaborator – capable of leveraging and continuously developing a network within the League to drive influence and manage to outcomes; appreciates the “connective tissue” of the League and is comfortable navigating across different parts of the Company to drive strong collective outcomes

Interpersonal Savvy – high “EQ” and positive attitude; understands cultural dynamics and manage interpersonal sensitivities.

Strategic Agility–possesses a deep understanding of the League’s strategy and how initiatives fit into the larger picture; able to cut through layers and connect relevant stakeholders to push the strategy forward; anticipatory and responsive to changes in strategic priorities

Innovative – embraces innovation; relentless in the quest for continuous improvement; willing to challenge organizational assumptions; capable of effectively operating within a dynamic and evolving business environment

Other Key Attributes / Characteristics:

Work Ethic – a high-stamina leader with an unlimited capacity for work; a low maintenance and high functioning leader; a continuous and intense learner who can get up to speed on a vast number of issues efficiently

Humility–a self-aware and low ego leader; impeccable integrity; mature, confident, and exercises good discretion; extremely loyal to the Chief Media and Business Officer and doing what’s right to drive the League forward (e.g., keeps the back door shut to the Chief Media and Business Officer, etc.)

Trusted Adviser – A senior leader with expertise across one or more fields; able to develop deep trust with the leadership team and serve as a trusted and credible advisor to the Chief Media and Business Officer (e.g., possesses industry acumen, capable of watching for blind spots, and operates effectively within the leadership team set up)

Compelling Communicator – a skilled and polished communicator who is comfortable in a visible role; highly effective in 1:1 settings and with large groups; a good listener; able to effectively bring others along on the Chief Media and Business Officer’s journey by setting strong context, reinforcing key messages in a clear and concise manner, and driving alignment with leaders around expectations

Salary / Pay Range

  • This job posting contains a pay range, which represents the range of salaries or hourly rates that the NFL believes, in good faith, at the time of this posting that it might be willing to pay for the posted job in the location(s) specified. The NFL expects to hire for this position near the middle of the range. Only in truly rare and exceptional circumstances, where an external candidate has experience, credentials or expertise that far exceed those required or expected for the position, would the NFL consider paying a salary or rate near the higher end of the range.

Terms /Expected Hours of Work:

  • NFL employees are required to work 40 hours per week. However, this role will require to ability to work long hours as well as travel extensively

  • The NFL maintains a Flexible Workplace Policy that provides members of our workforce with opportunities to periodically work from a location of their choice, while maintaining a priority on in-person work at an NFL office, which enables us to more effectively collaborate, connect and build a workplace culture that will drive our continued success.

  • The NFL is committed to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment that reflects our incredibly diverse fan base. We provide an environment of mutual respect where equal employment opportunities are available to all employees and applicants without regard to status as protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.