The Sport Science Coordinator will directly assist the Director, Sport Science in the delivery and coordination of an extensive portfolio of sports science services, technology interfaces, and applied science applications that are aligned to support and impact the health, wellbeing, and performance of combat athletes. The Sport Science Coordinator will be required to work independently in fulfilling directed applied sports science projects and interventions, whilst also providing solutions, advice and guidance to athletes and coaches. Expertise in the ability to administer assessment and monitoring of a variety of critical physical and physiological parameters is fundamental to this role; including cardiovascular function, cognition, biological markers, neuromuscular activity, strength and power diagnostics, and factors relating to recovery and regeneration. The Sport Science Coordinator will also be required to have proficiency in data handling, the aggregation of data and management of appropriate databases, and the ability to undertake statistical and data analysis in order to address key performance questions. Being technically proficient in operating fundamental technologies within the sports science technical domain is also critical to this role.

As directed by the director, Sports Science, the Sport Science Coordinator may be tasked with facilitating key sports science initiatives and projects. This may include conducting bespoke research projects to directly address key questions/hypotheses relating to athlete health, wellbeing and performance enhancement. This individual will experience a variety of working environments, and will be required to proactively collaborate and seek optimal cross-discipline initiatives within the Performance Institute.


  • Conduct sport science activities with the objective of supporting athlete health, wellness, and performance.

  • Undertake identified high priority sport science projects that address key performance questions on an athlete-specific level.

  • Collaborate with other team members on sports science applications that inform working practices and provide expert solution to technical priorities and needs.

  • Conduct the maintenance, calibration and upkeep of sport science equipment and technologies within the UFCPI.

  • Manage appropriate databases and undertake data analytics, statistical analysis, and interrogation of objective metrics.

  • Generate reports and data feedback mechanisms that promote the dissemination of data and performance insights.

  • Present and communicate with a variety of senior personnel, technical directors, coaches and athletes.

  • Support the ongoing development of the Athlete Management system (AMS) software that is central to operational functionality within the UFCPI team.

  • Understand the theory, research and scientific applications as they relate to elite level MMA athletes.

Skills & Experience:

  • Graduate Degree in Exercise Science, Physiology, Kinesiology, or other related academic fields of study.

  • 3+ years of experience in delivering sport science initiatives and research in an applied sports setting.

  • Previous experience working in a high performance environment with athletes and coaches.

  • Personal or professional experience in combat or contact sport is preferred, but not required.

  • Knowledge and experience in the use of sport science technologies.

  • The ability to perform sport science research and projects independently, and to apply the findings of that research.

  • Experience undertaking large-scale data analytics and the interrogation of objective performance metrics.

  • Excellent presentation and communication skills, both written and oral, that can motivate behavioral change and to have a positive impact on performance.

  • Ability to communicate complex data in terms that are easily understood by a wide range of audiences.

  • Understanding of existing evidence-based research, and the implementation of new research areas to enhance the sport, athletes, and coaches.

  • A dynamic personality who is highly motivated to collaborate with others

  • A willingness to entertain new ideas, seize challenges that arise in a positive frame of mind, and an open mindedness to facilitate innovative approaches to sport science.

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