Main goal:

The Ceremonies Specialist is the link between the UEFA ceremonies unit and EURO 2024 GmbH and will be delivering the 49 pre-match ceremonies in collaboration with other units and according to protocol. The ceremonies unit (CERE) will ensure an exciting experience for all target groups present in the UEFA EURO 2024 stadiums and for millions of television viewers worldwide.

The Ceremonies Specialist will also be involved in managing the opening and cup ceremonies for the club finals.

Key responsibilities:

Communication and cooperation:

  • Build a strong, trusting, communicative working relationship with the relevant UEFA services and the EURO 2024 GmbH team

  • Lead on all programme planning and reporting, undertaking weekly progress meetings with EURO 2024 GmbH and all suppliers

  • Supervise the EURO 2024 GmbH team in the general running of ceremonies, including the production of reports, working visits and operational requirements

CERE workforce responsibilities:

  • Manage the EURO 2024 ceremonies team in Germany

  • Monitor the recruitment of the ceremonies team in all venues, including coordinators and stage managers

  • Provide guidance on the preparation of training material and supervise training delivered to each venue's ceremonies team

  • Supervise and report on the recruitment process, including onboarding, legalities and accreditation applications, in relation to project timelines

  • Manage the recruitment of the casts of ceremonies, which includes managing data collection, documentation, accreditation and all communication

CERE operations:

  • Develop and ensure integrated pre-match delivery plans for ceremonies

  • Lead venues' operational planning and workforce, giving input on plans for venue management and wider cross-functional matters

  • Manage and supervise the EURO 2024 ceremonies team and all key stakeholders to facilitate the effective planning of ceremonies

  • Execute pre-match ceremonies according to the defined timings and creative concept

  • Lead and manage the creative and production aspects of the development of pre-match ceremonies

  • Support the Ceremony Manager in designing all creative aspects of each ceremony, including choreography

  • Draw up key documentation for all relevant stakeholders, including presentations for top management, running orders and production plans

  • Oversee the EURO 2024 team's planning and management of:

    • off-site and on-site rehearsals, ensuring that all cast members are fully informed and prepared to deliver the pre-match ceremony on match day

    • all CERE facilities within all the stadiums, including the CERE holding area, offices, changing rooms, storage areas, etc.

    • the delivery and storage of all CERE materials including props, gifts, technical equipment, fencing, furniture, ICT equipment, etc.

  • Plan and monitor the efficient transportation of banners between cities during the tournament

  • Budget and procure all ceremony-related production equipment and crew

  • Prepare, monitor and assign tenders according to the creative concept agreed with the Ceremony Manager

  • Manage cost reconciliation and reporting during and after the tournament

  • Manage and track budgets and sourcing


Experience required:

  • From 4 to 6 years' experience of managing large teams

  • Experience of live stadium events

  • Knowledge of ceremonies and/or sports shows


  • English / Proficient

  • German is an asset

Additional requirements:

  • Budget Management / Advanced

  • MS Excel / Advanced

  • MS PowerPoint / Advanced

  • Project Management / Advanced

  • Knowledge of other major broadcast events

  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills

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