Based at one of our marquee locations, the Vice President of Hospitality Strategy role works closely with our partners to build and implement a food and beverage experience unique to the location - providing memorable experiences for every fan who enters our gates. The ideal candidate will be an experienced and dynamic leader who is able to define a compelling vision that inspires others to bring their best selves to work each day. They will be an important figurehead for Levy at your location - demonstrating passion, inclusivity, and innovation. Most importantly, you’ll be a nice person who people want to work with and for.

Detailed Responsibilities

  • Leading the location team, proactively coaching and motivating team members to deliver their best

  • Building a strong partnership with our onsite partner and developing a shared hospitality vision for the location

  • Delivering against our financial goals and strategic priorities

  • Overseeing and project managing major technology implementations or renovations

  • Using the range of data and insights they have available to them to continually enhance the experience we deliver to fans and team members

  • Working in partnership with our partners and regional leadership team to develop location strategic plan

  • Representing Levy and our business objectives at partner meetings, networking and building relationships with key partners and vendors

  • Leading activities to implement technological and service initiatives to differentiate the location and create a unique guest experience

  • Overseeing and ensuring the highest standards of safety and sanitation in all activities across the location

  • Reviewing financial reports and developing action plans to best achieve business goals

  • Overseeing menu and service development projects by collaboration with culinary leadership and partners

  • Overseeing season planning process ensuring alignment with Levy and partner expectations/goals

  • Coaching team members for optimal performance and engagement

  • Working with the legal department to ensure all contracts and agreements are authorized and maintained

  • Conducting manager meetings to engage, inform and build alignment

  • Holding team one to one meetings ensuring continuous communication and engagement

  • Conducting event walks interacting with team members, guests, partners, and VIPs

  • Identifying and planning for management support needs when business will exceed location’s current resources

  • Implementing an emergency response plan at the location and overseeing commitment and required training

  • Managing Location recognition program 'Levy Legends' by leadership promotion and participation

  • Conducting building safety walks so our locations maintain an outstanding level of safety and cleanliness

  • Completing progressive discipline with leadership team to hold team members accountable and improve future performance

  • Meeting with sponsors and contractors for F&B Alliances in the building to ensure all business needs are represented

  • Planning budget and P&L management to support optimal financial achievement

  • Engagement planning in collaboration with leadership team, so our team feels supported by, and committed to Levy

  • Career development and progression mapping for managers and key hourly employees to backfill and build upon internal talent bench

  • Where applicable, meeting with other marketplace leaders to ensure clear lines of communication between Levy accounts

  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Skills and Experience

  • 10+ leadership experience in Hospitality or Retail

  • Experience managing large scale projects is preferred

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management is preferred

  • High level of computer literacy

  • Understanding of financial concepts

  • Passion for hospitality, food, and retail

  • Excellent interpersonal and stakeholder management skills

  • Able to work evenings and weekends in line with the event schedule