In this role you will be responsible for developing the understanding of chassis dynamics and guide the development and design for optimum SAT cars performance. You will focus on support & development-related activity including working with other groups and external partners, to achieve the development targets for both current and future SAT cars.


Areas that play to your strengths

All the responsibilities we'll trust you with:


  • Delivery of car performance through development and optimization of suspension systems, power unit and brake system.

  • Development and use of vehicle dynamics tools to generate models and assess vehicle performance data as part of the analysis & car development process.

  • Definition of simulation parameters for correct representation of vehicle motion dynamics, handling, and operating envelope.

  • Preparation and support for dyno test and rig activities. This activity will potentially require travel and real time analysis support to quantify and validate potential new avenues of performance improvement.

  • Support of Operation Room activities in Faenza during Tests & GP’s and simulator.


  • Provide flexible attendance and attitude to work, both in line with the requirements of the role and any specific requirements of the projects.

  • Always work in a professional manner regardless of the task set and be pro-active in promoting a positive image for the department/team/sponsors.


Your areas of knowledge and expertise that matter most for this role:

  • Previous relevant experience working within a high-level motorsport environment.

  • F1 experience will be beneficial.

  • Good understanding of suspension definition and optimization including ride performance, interaction with vehicle platform control and balance and tyre optimization.

  • Good understanding of brake system physics and optimization including interaction with brake-by-wire systems.

  • Good understanding of power unit optimization and formulation of models using rig and track data.

  • Experience in analysing competition vehicle performance.

  • Experience of rig and dyno data analysis tools and correlation to car data.

  • Experience of analysis tool and model development using ADAMS, Dymola & Matlab/Simulink.

  • Innovative and flexible approach to process development, problem solving and possess the ability to work through problems in a scientific and analytical way.

  • Good communication and analytical skills and be able to work to tight deadlines, often under pressure.

  • Highly self-motivated, thrive in a challenging environment and have a flexible approach to working hours and a high level of responsibility.