In this role you will be in charge of conducting live race strategy and competitor analysis during race events from our factory Operation Room, elaborating Pre-event, in-event and post-race analysis reports in collaboration with others strategy engineers and tyre engineer. You will also lead strategy optimisation and competitor analysis projects.


Areas that play to your strengths

All the responsibilities we'll trust you with:


  • To interact effectively with our senior strategy software engineer to help building the best toolset for simulation and live decision making.

  • To improve our methodologies, analysis and simulation tools to optimise the event preparation and the race strategy.

  • Develop our existing race strategy toolset, related data analysis and predictive models.

  • In charge of the competitor analysis to help strategy, tyre optimisation and other groups within the Vehicle Performance Group to improve car performance.

  • In charge of numerical and statistical analysis to develop the relevant trackers for strategy and team performance understanding.

  • Communicate across a large audience our key performance indicators.


  • Contribute to the event preparation to optimise the run plan and tyre allocation in collaboration with Race Engineering.

  • Provide ideas and suggestion to improve productivity and work efficiency.

  • Responsible of junior strategy engineers to optimise group performance.

  • Improve, write and implement methodologies and procedures for the strategy operations.


Your areas of knowledge and expertise that matter most for this role:

  • The ideal candidate will have at least 4 years’ experience as race strategy engineer within a high-level motorsport environment,

  • Trackside experience will be an advantage

  • F1 Experience will be an advantage

  • High problem-solving skills, with an attention to quality and details, eager to experience a highly challenging, exposed and dynamic environment, inside the Tyre Engineering and Strategy group.

  • Experience in data analytics techniques and software (PowerBI, Tableau,)

  • Strong knowledge of programming in MATLAB or Python is required, other knowledge in coding language (i.e. C#) is an advantage.

  • Experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence is an advantage.