Under the direction of the General Manager, the Technical Director will be responsible for player identification and recruitment. The position will manage a team of scouts for early identification and recruitment scouting as well as advanced scouting. The Technical Director will be responsible for overseeing scouting, evaluation, ranking and projection of potential player acquisitions based upon the processing of reports and data gathered by the scout staff. The position will oversee both scout staff development and education.

The Technical Director is responsible for quality assurance for the scouting and resulting data (reporting). The Technical Director will coordinate with the General Manager & Head Coach, for all levels of the developmental pyramid to ensure maximization of opportunity and team resources to bring in the best players and maximize player opportunities. Finally, the position will oversee process development, logistics, targeting, scheduling, and bear responsibility for the scouting budget.

With the General Manager, the Technical Director will work alongside and assist in the roster construction, salary cap management, and player contract execution at the 1st and 2nd team levels.

The Technical Director is also responsible for overseeing the player identification and recruitment at MLS Next Pro and the MLS Next level’s. They will help facilitate the technical movement of players within the Club (Academy – MLSNP – MLS).

The Technical Director will support the Team’s General Manager and the First Team Head Coach in improving the Team’s roster through daily contact, strategy meetings and briefings, including, without limitation, the following duties:



  • Embody and embrace the Portland Timbers Sporting Performance in Employee’s role with the Club

  • Assist the General Manager (“GM”) and Team’s Head Coach in developing, defining, and implementing a style of play (identity) throughout the Club (or development system)

  • Assist GM in development and construction of roster(s) and assist GM in contract negotiations and execution

  • Work closely with the Assistant General Manager (“Assistant GM”) in the construction of the MLS Next Pro roster and set the appropriate KPI’s to ensure the Club identity matches the direction set

  • Oversee International scouting and recruitment, and all scouting operations for the Portland Timbers

  • Liaise with the GM, Head Coach, and Owner/CEO over short, medium, and long-term recruitment succession targets

  • Serve as a leader and resource to all Club coaches and technical staff on matters pertaining to player scouting and recruitment

  • Ensure accurate and consistent presentation of all scout reports, as well as facilitate the process and procedure for data flow to the technical staff at all levels of the Club’s developmental pyramid

  • Assist General Manger with strategy and execution for offseason approach including Re-entry drafts, Expansion drafts, Free Agency, and MLS Super Draft

  • Consult and advise with respect to the Team’s roster and player trades

  • Participate and provide input on club strategic planning

  • Possess great understanding of FIFA rules regarding player transfers including both solidarity/training compensation and manage for both incoming and outgoing transactions

  • Provide expertise in MLS/MLSNP roster rules and regulations

  • Collaborate with General Manager on transfer risk assessment for both incoming and outgoing player to maximize both investment and return


  • Assists in the hiring of technical staff, and manages the members of the scout staff

  • Develop scouting templates and procedures supporting Timber’s style and philosophy

  • Recruit, hire, supervise, and provide technical guidance to all staff scouts and assist player targeting

  • Communicate effectively with all staff

  • Assist the President of Soccer/GM, Head Coach, and technical staff with the development of the standards and methodology for scouts to use in identifying players

  • Develop and maintain productive relationships with international clubs for the purpose of player identification, player recruitment, and potential player acquisition

  • Communicate effectively with player agents regarding all prospective players

  • Oversee document creation and execution for 2nd team loans and contracts

  • Leverage new relationships with agents to maximize the Club’s network and strengthen its ability to maximize executing on its recruiting strategy

  • Perform annual evaluations of all scouts Represent Timbers’ best interests and in a professional manner on all club related travel

  • Oversee, maintain, and enhance the Timbers relationships with MLS, MLS Next Pro, and USL counterparts to engage in matters of player personnel

  • Assist youth development with player identification and tracking methodology

  • Work with the General Manager and Head Coach to write and maintain the scouting performance plan


  • Responsible for Overseeing Domestic Recruitment Scouting Strategy via management of the Scout Team and Head Youth Scout

  • Work with Scout Staff, and Head Youth Scout to ensure aggressive approach is maintained in youth scouting and recruitment for residency or home stays

  • Continue to discuss players with the General Manager and Coaches that are of interest to the club at a 1st team and 2nd team level

  • Collaborate with staff on the integration of which Academy Players are brought into the first team and the second team

  • Maintain relationships and communication with Academy Players of interest who progress to the College level

  • Maintain and strong understanding of the Portland Timbers homegrown list and provide input as needed


  • Responsible for Overseeing College Recruitment Scouting via management of the Domestic Head Scout and College Scout Team

  • Produce a NCAA summary shadow team composed of college players ranked by position including identifying non-seniors, academy affiliation, and international players

  • Take the lead with preparation and execution of MLS Super Draft including presentation of information, reports, shadow squads, and Draft Strategy

  • Responsible for overseeing and managing College and Domestic Scout Budget

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected class.