Video Systems Engineer positions offered by National Football League Enterprises, LLC. Support and maintain all daily live streaming events and Video on Demand infrastructure. Analyze requirements to improve existing systems. Review computer system capabilities, workflow, and scheduling limitations. Perform analysis, diagnosis and resolution of video encoding/transcoding hardware/software issues and implement corrective solutions for live and VOD systems and analyze science, engineering, business, and other data processing problems to implement and improve systems. Run, operate and produce live streaming events by coordinating with NFL Network TOC on acquisition of signal and signal chains.

Minimum Requirements: Requires a bachelor's or foreign equivalent degree in electrical engineering or a related field and 3 years of experience in the position offered or 3 years of experience performing video streaming and media workflow. Also requires 3 years of experience: using live stream encoders, including Anvato, Elemental, Cisco and Kulabyte; using streaming media technologies; applying encoding standards, including H.264, AAC, GOP structure, I-P-B frame schemes, profiles, bit-rates, and aspect ratios; working with server software; programming with Ruby and Perl scripting languages; and working with Linux command-line interface. We require that members of our NFL workforce be fully vaccinated, inclusive of the COVID-19 Booster for those who are eligible under CDC guidelines. Experience may be, but need not be, acquired concurrently.

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