The Broadcast Assistant will be responsible for writing reports for nationally televised games as well as working on the best practices project for local broadcasting.

$20.51/hr non exempt position. Non-NABET position.

Major Responsibility:

  • Write telecast reports for national TV games Review and analyze local NBA/WNBA broadcasts for best practices

  • Create database of monitoring all local NBA/WNBA broadcasts

  • Review other sports programming for content & production elements

  • Staffing broadcast operations center during NBA/WNBA game broadcasts

  • Broadcast Operations Center liaison with NBA TV control room

  • Analyze telecasts for length of games

Required Skills/Knowledge:

  • Excellent knowledge of NBA, WNBA, and NBA G-League (Players, coaches, and teams)

  • Knowledge of television industry

  • Strong writing skills

  • Microsoft Office


  • Bachelor's Degree

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