Our Sales team invites our community to create amazing memories. We are an award-winning organization with experienced staff. We are well known in the field for our sales and marketing efforts and other teams come to use for advice! We have some of the best in the biz that you can learn and grow from.

As our Ticket Sales Intern, YOU:

  • Show Us the Money! Are a revenue generator, you will “move the needle” by selling tickets like hot cakes. You’ll crush your sales goals by developing new business through cold calling, following up on referrals and networking. You’ll seal the deal with new customers by presenting our offerings in person or virtually. You will build industry knowledge of the sales industry, ticketing systems expertise and our available products, which will allow you to capitalize on first-time consumers and growing hockey fans.

  • Deliver Exceptional Experiences. You are a helper. You are someone who listens and anticipates our fan’s needs and desires. You identify problems and recommend solutions greater than anyone's expectations could ever be. Through proactive and genuine communication, you will engage and delight prospective customers. On game day, you’ll be there to further a connection with our fans, and to draw people to the sales kiosk by offering our products and services.

  • Are A Cultural Centerpiece. Your interaction with our employees, fans and community is constant. People see you as a supportive resource and a critical part of our team and the Iowa Wild’s culture and brand. You thrive on interactions within our community, sharing our customer benefit programs and promoting the sport of hockey. You present the best version of yourself and our brand, both on and off the ice.


  • Ambitious Promoter. You’re a people person. You aren’t intimidated with cold calling; the word “no” doesn’t shut you down, but it wakes you up! Your passion and persistence allows you to find ways to get people to “hear you out,” because you’ve got what they need. You are passionate about your product: we sell memories!

  • Excellent Communicator. You listen, ask questions, and demonstrate #realtalk because you know that communication is the root of all relationships. You know that a thoughtful call, proactive email, a simple handwritten note or thank you card goes a long way. You over-deliver and proactively follow-up with requests to build those trusting relationships.

  • Focused Executor. We believe big ideas reap even bigger rewards when managed effectively. Everything you do touches people, so flawless execution is non-negotiable. Your work can be fast-paced and it can be easy to lose sight of the details, but that’s where the magic is at. With ruthless prioritization, you focus on getting things done quickly and flawlessly. Of course, you’re not perfect, so when mistakes are made, you step up, take responsibility and issue meaningful apologies when you’re wrong.

  • Servant Leader. At the Wild, everything we do is grounded in serving. You serve our organization, each other, our fans and our community. Leadership is not a rank, it’s not about being in charge; it’s about taking care of those in our charge. You inspire those around us to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.

  • Professional Connector. At the Wild, we strive to stand out amongst the competition. By being an advocate for the organization, polite in your interactions, persistent in your process and professional, this leads to YOUR success. You always know what is going on because you are an experienced connector within our community and able to share the game of hockey successfully.


  • Listen To You. We need your thoughts, ideas and passion to help make this the best team in sports and entertainment. You talk, we’ll listen.

  • Treat You Like An Adult. We will trust you to get the work done in a way that makes sense for you. We measure output and impact.

  • Challenge You. We promise you'll be surrounded by people equally committed to the Minnesota Sports and Entertainment organization and to our Iowa Wild. You won’t find more passionate people all focused on creating a Greater State of Hockey. Go Wild!

  • Commit to Diversity Equity & Inclusion. We drive social change and foster inclusivity by providing a safe, positive and welcoming environment for you, all community members and employees regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, background or experience.


  • In accordance with the ADA this role requires (normal work functions and does not require) stated physical duties. Should an accommodation be requested Iowa Wild will evaluate the request and provide reasonable accommodation under accordance of the ADA.

  • Applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected class.