Our People team discovers, grows, and energizes the passionate people MSE (Minnesota Sports & Entertainment) needs to win. We have a vision of empowered people that put service at the heart of everything we do, both on and off the ice, and our People (HR) Data Generalist plays a key role in bringing that vision to life.

As our People (HR) Data Generalist, YOU:

  • Keep us on track and in compliance. You keep us organized and ensure all our ducks are in a row when it comes to all the important governing bodies… and there are a lot! You ensure everything we do meets (and exceeds) regulatory standards and find ways to streamline and automate our processes to keep us on track and on time. Things like Benefits (NHL & MSE), Perks, Merit Increases, workers compensation, and our Union Relationships all fall within your wheelhouse.

  • Are our HRIS and Analyst Guru. We are a data-led team, and at the heart of that is our HRIS, UKG (Formerly known as UltiPro) and YOU. You help us access our information, draw insights from it and move to decisions that balance qualitative and quantitative information.

  • Support our People Team. You will support the other members of the team... coordinate orientations, train, recruit, assist with events when needed. Essentially, working together and being an integral part of the team.

  • Are a cultural centerpiece. Your interaction with our employees is constant. You handle sensitive conversations and interactions by owning our Employee Relations approach. People see you as a trusted advisor, a helpful resource and a critical part of our team and the Wild’s culture.

  • Solve problems as you see them. Our HR team is focused on getting better every day and you are at the center of all we do, so we expect that you do not wait for permission, you seek out problems or inefficiencies in our HR processes and solve them before we even know they are there.


  • Trusted Advisor. Our team runs on relationships. Confidentiality, professionalism and discretion are at the heart of building strong bonds across all our partnerships. But that is not enough. We act not only as a confidant, but as an advisor, shining light on things we see, helping navigate murky waters, and providing candid (caring deeply, communicating directly) feedback to help every employee become the best version of themselves. #realtalk

  • Analytic Achiever. Our team runs on relationships. As one of our analytics experts, you’ll help with reporting across the entire organization; knowledge of analysis tools like UKG and Excel is required. You act as an advisor, shining light on things you see, helping navigate murky waters, and providing directions to help every employee understand the best way to use our data visualization tools and drive our business forward.

  • Focused Executor. We believe big ideas reap even bigger rewards when managed effectively. Everything we do touches people, so flawless execution is non-negotiable. Our work can be fast-paced, and it can be easy to lose sight of the details, but that is where the magic is at. With ruthless prioritization, we focus on getting things done quickly and flawlessly. Of course, we are not perfect, so when mistakes are made, we step up, take responsibility and issue meaningful apologies when we are wrong.

  • Servant Leader. At the Wild, everything we do is grounded in serving. We serve our organization, each other, our fans and our community. Leadership is not a rank, it’s not about being in charge; it’s about taking care of those in our charge. We inspire those around us to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.


  • Listen to you. We need your thoughts, ideas and passion to help make this the best team in sports. You talk, we’ll listen.

  • Treat you like an adult. We will trust you to get the work done in a way that makes sense for you. We measure output, not desk time.

  • Challenge you. We promise you'll be surrounded by people equally committed to the Minnesota Wild. You won’t find more passionate people all focused on creating a Greater State of Hockey. Go Wild!

  • Commit to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. We drive social change and foster inclusivity by providing a safe, positive and welcoming environment for you, all community members and employees regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, background or experience.


  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Excel Mastery is required.

  • Minimum of 2 years of Accounting or HR experience is required.

  • Ability to work a flexible schedule; nights, weekends, and holidays are required.

  • Physical requirements include sitting, walking, standing, bending, squatting, climbing stairs, kneeling, twisting, lifting, grasping, etc.

  • In accordance with the ADA, this role requires stated physical duties. Should an accommodation be requested, Saint Paul Arena Company will evaluate the request and provide reasonable accommodation.

  • Applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected class.