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Job Overview:

The Data Engineering team at builds and maintains data pipelines to integrate baseball fan interaction and transaction data from hundreds of sources into our Data Warehouse for use by our Business Intelligence, Data Science, Analytics, Marketing, Ticketing, Finance, and other internal business teams. In addition, we share this data with all 30 MLB Clubs, and interact with Club staff on a regular basis to ensure they are able to better understand and interact with their fans through the use of this data.

We leverage Apache Airflow for all of our new data pipeline development, and we love it! We adhere to most of the concepts laid out by the Airflow creator in The Rise Of The Data Engineer, especially the belief that the best abstraction for software is code. We are moving towards Google BigQuery as our Data Warehouse platform. We’re Pythonistas, and regularly develop complex Python scripts to interact with APIs and data stores. And SQL is the lingua franca across all of the teams in our organization that interact with our Data Warehouse, so we speak it fluently.

Senior Data Engineer


  • Expert-level proficiency with SQL - Ability to read others’ complex queries and spot potential issues.

  • Advanced proficiency with Python - experience developing and maintaining large codebases and reusable components, and writing Pythonic code.

  • Proficiency with software development tools (IDEs, Git, Docker).

  • Experience with one or more data orchestration / workflow management frameworks, including Airflow.

  • Significant experience with one or more data warehouse platforms.

  • Experience with one or more cloud data ecosystems (AWS/GCP/Microsoft).

  • Proficiency with Linux, including script development and deployment automation (Ansible/Terraform)

  • Strong communication skills, including written and verbal communication


  • Lead medium-scale data integration projects (spanning multiple weeks), breaking up larger objectives into smaller, self-contained tasks.

  • Take direct personal responsibility for project goals, ensuring deadlines are met and stakeholders are kept informed of progress.

  • Obtain subject matter expertise on data and pipelines for one or more business teams, and act as the go-to resource to resolve issues and answer questions as they arise for that area

  • Build strong relationships with one or more business teams, suggesting ways to leverage data technology capabilities to improve processes and deliver new insights.

  • Run code reviews, providing feedback on code style and quality.

  • Craft high-quality code that can be deployed to production with minimal guidance and feedback, run without major issues once deployed, and be easily understood by all other team members.

  • Maintain and upgrade Airflow and other Data Engineering infrastructure, ensuring code and deployments are clean and reliable.

  • Make medium-sized enhancements to DE-owned internal web applications, including Bullseye, Placement Generator, and Social Post Tagging tools. Oversee work of external consultants to make larger enhancements to these tools.

  • Evaluate multiple architectural and engineering options to solve business challenges and select appropriate solutions. Proactively identify potential pitfalls and build sustainable solutions.

Experience with any/all of the following:

  • Apache Airflow

  • Google BigQuery

  • DevOps - Jenkins/Ansible/Terraform

  • Docker / Kubernetes

  • Informatica PowerCenter (used for legacy data pipelines)

  • Web Application development using Ruby on Rails

Required Education:

Bachelor’s degree or better in Computer Science or a related technical field or equivalent job experience

Why MLB?

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the most historic of the major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada. Employees love working at MLB because of the culture of growth, teamwork, and professionalism. Employees who are most successful at MLB take initiative, know how to identify problems and provide solutions, and always put the Team first. For those ready to step up to the plate and join the Major Leagues, MLB takes the same approach as teams do with their players: empowering our “workforce athletes” to be at their best by engineering experiences that put employees in the best position to succeed. Major League Baseball is looking for candidates who are passionate about growing America’s pastime to best serve its fans for decades to come.

MLB’s vision is to be the global sport of choice for youth to play, fans of all backgrounds to enjoy and a desired destination for employment. With a belief that the journey to growth and greatness is ongoing, MLB gives employees the opportunity to continue learning and honing their skills with programs such as: tuition reimbursement; mentorship programs; lunch and learns; online course subscriptions; paid industry certifications; business resource groups; and more.

MLB provides its employees with exceptional medical, dental, and vision coverage. Premiums are 100% employer covered to help employees focus on being their best!

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