Major League Baseball is on a multi-year mission to reimagine the fan experience. We believe the opportunity ahead of us requires skills in understanding people, thoughtful consideration of every aspect of the fan experience, and cranking up delight for every touchpoint—in short, design. That’s where you come in -- We are looking for designers to join the effort to help make this happen.

The Design team at MLB works across the entire fan journey - from primary research with the fans and clubs, brand creative, in-park experiences, websites, apps, games, streaming and interactive products. We take pride in designing delightful fan focused experiences that enhance the sport. Paying attention to the trends shaping sports and media, while constantly raising the bar on entertainment and delight for every aspect of the MLB experience. We do this through the practice of a fan focused approach to product design, investing in design systems and content tooling, UX writing, and design research

We’re looking for a principal product designer who will build out the design system across the portfolio of MLB products. The expectations of our fans are high and so we are committed to go to extraordinary lengths to produce world-class work that exceeds their expectation, so you will be working in a place where design is highly valued.

This role will lead the design direction for our design system across all of our products. Our design system consists of 2 parts:

  1. Visual Identity System - is the visual identity design system that lays the foundation for visual communication inside and outside the product, by creating, aligning and evolving the elements that set the tone of all our creative campaigns and editorial/content design in the product.
  2. Product Design System - We create the UI systems to increase productivity, clarity and consistency across all our products. This acts as a multiplier to fellow MLBers and acts as an accelerator to quality and speed of the product development process. We pull it off by focusing obsessively on the principles and quality of each component, while still creating space for evolution and innovation. The product design system will work across all the MLB websites and apps, The Ballpark app, Rally app and other interactive projects as well as and the various devices supported.

Although we all have focus on specific areas the boundaries between teams are permeable, so you can certainly expect to collaborate with other designers on a broad set of design challenges that don’t fall neatly into the Product Design System category.

You will:

  • Lead the creative direction to create, evolve, and maintain the highest quality and inspiring visual identity design systems in Sports, that captures the spirit of baseball, scales across a wide range of products and creative campaigns each season.
  • Design and operate the product design language system across all our products and product marketing.
  • Collaborate and mentor product designers in their specific orgs to design and drive a coherent design language that solves the needs of the specific products areas while driving coherence across the entire portfolio of products.
  • Inspire, motivate, and lead through work collaborating with designers across experience levels.
  • Work closely with our Product Management, Engineering, Editorial, Marketing, and senior leadership to deliver stunning and effective work.
  • Collaborate with Design and MLB leadership to determine product, design and brand direction.

You may be a good fit if you:

  • Have experience with design systems for consumer facing media or gaming products and brands.
  • Have demonstrated experience working hand and glove with engineering teams to ensure the design system is realized as beautifully in reusable code as in the design tools.
  • Are fan obsessed and have the ability to capture the emotions and drama of a subject and reflect it in a practical, yet inspiring, product design system.
  • Make ideas happen. You have a strong track record of turning design visions into reality by building momentum by focusing on impact in one area and growing from there.
  • Have experience managing complete redesigns of products from kick-off to shipping.
  • Have an outcome focused approach that ensures that your design is having a measurable impact in the real world.
  • Have an iterative mindset, and are obsessed with continuous improvement based on feedback.
  • You can manage a varied portfolio of small, medium and large initiatives at the same time.


  • 10+ years in product and brand design. Strong portfolio of shipped consumer facing products.
  • 7+ experience in designing for mobile. With a strong portfolio of shipped products of high quality and with real impact.
  • 3+ years of experience in senior individual contributor roles - principal, architect design roles.
  • Compelling communicator and storyteller. Ability to demonstrate strong written, verbal and presentation skills.
  • Demonstration of highly collaborative approach with experience with “organizational transformation” practices such as design thinking workshops and design sprints.
  • Can balance optimizing for speed, quality as well as doing future foundational work while iterating on existing products.

Please have prepared

  • Your LinkedIn profile or resume
  • Link to your portfolio
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