The Boston Red Sox Amateur Scouting Development Associate is one of the most unique entry-level positions in the industry. It provides the opportunity to hone your skills as an evaluator; directly assisting area scouts and cross checkers with coverage while concurrently supporting the front office staff with video and data collection. In the role, this person will spend most of their time tracking down specific targets, writing reports, and meeting with members of the department to expedite personal and professional growth. The Associate will also get the opportunity to present at draft meetings and gain insight to draft strategy to further development. Cultivating impact evaluators that eventually fit into future openings within the scouting departments of the Boston Red Sox is a priority. These Associate roles hopefully serve as a key step towards achieving that goal.


  • Assisting local area scouts with coverage

  • Writing scouting reports

  • Learning to navigate the landscape of internal systems

  • Understanding the ancillary job responsibilities of area scouts

  • Collecting video

  • Building a foundation of understanding baseball technologies

  • Developing relationships with the local baseball community

  • Assist in on-field player workouts

  • Participate in weekly meetings with front office personnel


  • Strong passion for scouting and talent evaluation

  • Evident open-mindedness with a high willingness to learn & receive feedback

  • Excellent time management skills

  • Sound communication skills

  • Admirable attention to detail

  • Flexible hours including nights & weekends

  • Willingness to relocate

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