Position Description

The Lead Security Officer performs the regular duties of a MBS Security Officer and in addition assists with the supervision of the MBS Security program. The Lead Security Officer will maintain communication and assess problems for immediate resolution or referral and follow-up. The Lead Security Officer will communicate and interpret policies and procedures and assists with the Security Officer’s needs. The Lead Security Officer will assist in the planning of security activities and programs, maintain appropriate staffing levels, and assist with selection, training and evaluation of MBS Security Officers. The Lead Security Officer will assist with administrative support of the overall MBS security program as directed.

The Lead Security Officer plays a significant role in the ensuring a safe, secure and welcoming environment to all MBS employees and guests. MBS Lead Security Officers are a friendly resource to individuals in need of assistance, crisis intervention, or information. MBS Lead Security Officers respond quickly in emergency situations and as an integral associate, strive to protect property, guests, and employees of MBS stadium. MBS Lead Security Officers provide prevention activities and contribute to the building safety and security by monitoring and reporting physical security and safety conditions.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Cooperate in all investigations concerning allegations of security and safety issues if asked to do so by AMBSE and/or Contractor’s Management Representative.

  • Must be knowledgeable with all pertinent security regulations and operations.

  • Assist the Contractor’s Management Representative Director in maintaining discipline and morale within the 24/7 Security Officers.

  • Maintain accurate, detailed, and complete security logs as requested by Contractor’s Management Representative.

  • Recommend to the Contractor’s Management Representative any and all enhancements to the security operations at the designated site.

  • Review and communicate to shift security personnel all documents, prepared by Contractor and/or AMBSE, related to security operations.

  • Supervise shift 24/7 Security Officers and report to Contractor’s Management Representative if corrective action is necessary.

  • Report all security-related concerns to Contractor’s Management Representative.

  • Foot Patrol and Building Security Checks.

  • Visually inspect and monitor designated post area(s).

  • Monitor performance of security/safety equipment.

  • Investigate and report any unusual or unauthorized activity within the area.

  • Conduct the building security checks as required.

  • Be observant for fires and suspicious packages.

  • Be observant for spills and alert to odors and unusual sounds.

  • Check and report condition of area, exit and emergency lighting.

  • Check external access to vital areas of the facility.

  • Monitor access through designated doors as required.

  • In the event of alarm conditions, assist in the safe and orderly evacuation of facility personnel if warranted.

  • Respond to local audible alarms on HVAC and Electrical Equipment. Report and silence alarms as instructed by procedures and Facilities Department personnel during after-hours operations.

  • Identify and turn-off electrical appliances such as space heaters, fans, coffeepots, etc. that might be left on after normal work hours and could pose a source of heat and ignition for fire.

  • Be observant for trespassers and unauthorized persons.

  • Inspect designated areas for unauthorized activity.

  • Control access to the building, including registering and directing visitors. Visually inspect the ID card of each person entering the building and verify that the individual and the cardholder are the same.

  • Issue temporary access badges to authorized personnel as required by procedures.

  • Escort visitors and other personnel as required by procedures.

  • Inspect packages and other designated items as required (including assignment as a searcher).

  • Operate and monitor CCTV and access control systems where required.

  • Operate computer-based security/safety related software and applications as required.

  • Control access to the building utilizing access control system.

  • Complete required testing of security and fire systems related equipment as required by security procedures.

  • Operate and monitor alarm systems where required.

  • Initiate appropriate response as required for various alarms.

  • Initiate and maintain 24/7 communication with AMBSE Security Management Team

  • Dispatch other Security Force personnel and/or check alarms as required.

Qualifications Requirements

  • Knowledgeable in matters related to MBS and Contractor’s rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

  • Possess leadership and supervisory skills.

  • Demonstrate sound judgment in all areas of the work assignment.

  • Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing.

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Must have a high school education or have passed a General Educational Development (GED) equivalency test.

  • Shall be knowledgeable and competent in speaking and writing English.

  • Must have successfully completed medical examination to include a chemical and substance abuse test and analysis.

  • Must have signed the Individual Confidentially Contract, the Release of Information Statement, and the Chemical Non-Abuse Statement..

  • Must have successfully undergone any and all background investigations required by AMBSE.