If you are driven to deliver exceptional fan experiences that are beyond anything possible elsewhere and interested in working alongside a team of innovators and enthusiastic over-achievers, you will enjoy working with us!

The Atlanta Braves Guest Services team is dedicated to creating positive memories and experiences for each fan we encounter through our welcoming attitudes, proactive service, dedication to excellence, and our desire to make each guest a part of the Braves family. If you are passionate about providing exceptional customer service and enjoy being a team player, consider joining the Guest Services team as a part of Gameday Staff for the 2023 season!


  • Warmly welcoming our guests as their first point of contact and leaving our guests with a fond farewell

  • Staffing the entry gates

  • Assisting guests at ticket lines and gate queues

  • Scanning tickets as guests enter the ballpark

  • Wayfinding and assisting with directions throughout the ballpark

  • Working as an elevator attendant

  • Distribution of playbills and promotional items to the appropriate parties

  • Helping with ticket troubleshooting and relocations

  • Assisting with ushering in the seating bowl

  • Maintaining ticket integrity at the gates as well as in the seating bowl

  • Informing guests about our complimentary wheelchair service

  • Anticipating needs and proactively helping when appropriate

  • Problem solving in a timely and professional manner

  • Having a practicing knowledge of ballpark policies to ensure the safety of all guests and employees


  • Staying active for 6+ hours including climbing up/down staircases

  • Working in various weather conditions including heat, cold, rain, et cetera

  • Reporting 2.5 hours before first pitch and staying up to an hour after last out

  • Have reliable transportation to and from work for all games

  • Work 85% of games after potential hire date