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3 Nov 2023

Academy Head of Performance

🇬🇧 New Malden, UK
Full Time
5+ years exp.

To lead the Academy High Performance Services to support the physical development, robustness, health and wellbeing of individuals throughout the academy pathway. More specifically to lead the provision of medical, sport science, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and psychology support services.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Ensure the development of a coherent inter-disciplinary culture to support the performance of individuals through physical development, robustness, health and wellbeing.

Work with the Academy leadership team and wider staff to develop and maintain a strategic and operational plan for high performance services that aligns with the Academy Performance Plan.

Develop a positive working relationship and liaise with senior management on all matters relating to performance, player management and support service operations.

Provide cultural, strategic and operational leadership to support service staff, and provide expertise in these areas within the Academy leadership team.

Liaise with 1st team staff to ensure effective communication, coherent player development and management, and best practice care of transition players moving between 1st team and Academy.

Ensure the highest levels of safeguarding across the performance services team.

Oversee the integration and visualisation of data to provide actionable insight for daily decision making, programme planning, player reviews, succession planning and recruitment.

Support the development of effective and efficient communication lines to enable integrated working practices across the services and the wider MDT.

Undertake performance appraisals with direct reports and support the same staff with the completion of appraisals across the wider service team

Directly facilitate an individualised development strategy for direct reports and support the development and progression of the wider service team to ensure an effective high performance service environment with staff that feel valued and challenged.

Utilise effective KPIs to ensure accountability and drive best practice across the programme.

Ensure appropriate information and education is provided to stakeholders, in particular players and parents.

Ensure appropriate departmental representation throughout key MDT meetings, including those for weekly planning, player review, succession planning, player wellness and others as the arise.

Contribute where appropriate to Academy events including, but not limited to inductions, workshops, and games.

Develop and maintain an effective staffing structure to enable best practice service delivery to support player development and performance.

Ensure all requirements are met for League and EPPP compliance as they pertain to performance support services.

Continue to engage in personal development and lead a philosophy of hard work and growth.

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