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Our team combs hundreds of sources of professional sports jobs every day of the week, so you don’t have to!

If we find a top-level opportunity from one of our 11 sports (soccer, football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, motor racing, cricket, rugby, mixed martial arts, tennis, and golf) on LinkedIn, Indeed, any other major jobs board, TeamWork Online, any other sports jobs board, or even on any of the hiring organizations’ own career pages or social media accounts, it’ll be on Rebound within hours.

This means that every job you find on our feed is recent, has been checked and vetted as being paid and legitimate by a real person, and isn’t a duplicate of another role on the platform.

We take this curation a step further by adjusting the formatting of every job to make the copy as readable as possible for you, as well as ensuring that we’re sending your application to the right place with as few steps as possible before your documents are with the hiring manager. We also stay far away from jobs managed by recruiters, so you know that when you apply through Rebound, it’s the hiring company itself evaluating your application.

In addition to all of this, we also carefully assign the correct location (or locations) to each role, along with the correct contract type, and the level of professional experience required. Furthermore, we even assign a bunch of “tags” related to the sport, league, and type of role it is to each listing to make it as easy as possible for you to find the opportunities you’re looking for. (More on this later!)

That’s not all, though! We also check every single job every 14 days to ensure that it’s still open and hiring, so we don’t have a ton of inactive roles cluttering up the list! Not bad for free, eh? (More on that later, too.)

We work very hard to give you the cleanest, most easily-searchable feed of sports jobs on the internet. However, we are only human. As such, we do sometimes need your help! Every job on Rebound has a little “Report” button just below the title, which is intended for you to use when it is no longer hiring or when something about it is incorrect.

Our team deals with every report within 24 hours and we’re super friendly, so don’t be afraid to hit that button, it only takes a moment!

You can see our full feed of clean, perfectly-formatted jobs at https://reboundjobs.com/jobs. Happy hunting!