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Director, Stadium Maintenance

The Director Stadium Maintenance is responsible for the day to day maintenance of the stadium, managing the in-house maintenance staff, preventive maintenance and projects while ensuring the building is always event-ready. The director will accomplish this by following the stadium mantra of friendly, clean, safe, innovative, while also using resources, contacts and knowledge to assist in the preservation of the building.


  • Directly supervise, schedule and manage the day to day and event activities of the stadium maintenance staff consisting of electrician, carpenter, HVAC, refrigeration, plumber and general laborer

  • Conduct daily briefings and weekly meetings with the maintenance staff and key personnel

  • Oversee stadium systems including but not limited to mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire and life safety

  • Understand and utilize industry software and technology tools

    • Track work orders and projects from origin to completion

    • Analyze work orders to discover patterns and trends in stadium work

    • Schedule and ensure PMs are timely and complete

    • Memorialize all stadium maintenance work to provide a complete building history

  • Understand and utilize BAS Metasys

  • In-House project management

  • Make recommendations about annual capital improvement projects

  • Create and reforecast stadium maintenance budget with the goal of being realistic, reasonable and accurate

  • Identify, award and manage contract work including but not limited to vertical transportation, painters, electricians, overhead door work, metal work, concrete work and landscaping

  • Manage stadium utilities to ensure efficiencies and manage demand response program

  • Maintain food and beverage equipment owned by the club

  • Work closely with in-stadium partners and CFD

  • Implement and ensure all federal, state and local regulations are followed and enforced such as OSHA, ADA, EEOC etc

  • Obtain necessary and appropriate certifications, licenses and permits for work and events

  • Schedule and perform training events for stadium staff and partners such as maintenance staff continuing education and forklift certification

  • Manage rolling stock fleet

  • Create, update and engage snow event removal program

  • Respond to emergency situations and alarms


  • Ability to work independently, prioritize, be organized and make quick and decisive decisions with confidence

  • Clear understanding of all department and company policies and procedures

  • Clear understanding of individual staff responsibilities within the department

  • Clear understanding of federal, state and local building codes

  • Working knowledge of OHSA regulations and chemical handling and storage

  • Basic computer skills specifically including Microsoft Office Suite, Laserfische and Dayforce plus industry standard software such as 24/7, Metasys, Milestone, C-Cure and Titan HST

  • Ability to discover and implement innovative products and services to improve the operation and condition of the building

  • Basic understanding of standard office equipment including AV equipment, smartphones, and photocopiers

  • Clearly, effectively, and professionally interact with staff, supervisors, fellow departments, stadium partners, contractors and the public

  • Maintain a valid Ohio Driver License

  • Ability to read, write and speak English

  • Ability to walk, stand, and climb stairs and ramps during entire shift (8 – 12 hours)

  • Ability to lift, carry, and transport large boxes and items in excess of 25 lbs

  • Availability to work long and irregular hours including nights, weekends, holidays, NFL games and special events including but not limited to soccer, football, concerts, hockey and banquets